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InnHouse Capital appoints new Director of Business Development


Welcome to InnHouse Capital


InnHouse Capital is an entrepreneurial family office that operates as the private investment division of InnHouse Group of Companies (iGC).

iGC is a diversified group of companies that currently has investment in real estate, retail, hospitality, public markets, and international social programs.

The head office for iGC is located in Vancouver, BC in a 6,000 square foot space is as inspiring as it is functional.


A systematic pyramid of meetings occurs weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. These meetings create a momentum for change and growth. From the annual strategic meetings where mission and vision are reviewed and reaffirmed down to the weekly on-site 45-minute one-on-one's. This rhythm of meetings is a pillar of the company's success as it regularly reassures that we are on the right track with the highest level of accountability at every level.

Like any family office iGC has had up’s and down’s but over the past 10 years iGC has enjoyed superior returns from its investments. The company has received numerous accolades and continues to look for investments across industries here in Canada and abroad.

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